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Who are the Social Media Managers?

We are a team of marketing experts and leading public relations practitioners who saw a gap in the social media marketplace: the lack of a service that meets the needs of small- to medium-sized business owners, startups and non-profit organizations. Big corporations hire high-priced PR firms and PR professionals to manage their social media presence. Now, there’s no need to be a big corporation to compete with the big players in social media.

Our team has combined its expertise in marketing and PR to offer a platform that meets our clients’ social media needs on a daily basis. As a startup ourselves, Social Media Managers has been in the trenches like our clients competing for market share with big corporations. We’ve been in our clients’ shoes; now, we want to put our expertise to the test for those who seek to carve out a niche and make their mark.

The Right Content, at the Right Time

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Strategic Implementations

Bridging Strategy to Tactics

Social media provide tools in the arsenal of business tactics that anyone can use. But, are social media used well? Judging by the number of deleted tweets on a daily basis and the embarrassment caused by inappropriate posts, many people don’t think before they post. What Social Media Managers can offer is the ability to link Facebook and Twitter content to your business. Messages disseminated by Social Media Managers to your Twitter and Facebook accounts will always be business-oriented – with your brand management and revenue growth in mind.

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Deliver Content with Value

Delivering on Social Media

Social Media – Fresh content everyday – is one of the competitive advantages that Social Media Managers offers over do-it-yourself social media content-developers. If your content is not appearing at the top and on the first page of search engine results, forget about winning new business. Social Media Managers ensures that your content is competing for top search results day-in and day-out

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